19 July 2010

warkah untuk alia

"I never knew I could feel so much pain, and yet be so in love with the person causing it."

Heartbroken, empty and lost..
there's really no other words could describe my feelings rite now. i really miss u dear.
t's been great time hanging out with you for this couple of days! There is always this good feeling after talking to you. I really miss the time when we were still here; ko k bdminton. huhu..that's the time when I got closer to you and know more about you.

huh sdey u know, S E D I H??? ive learned so many thing from you. sy xpernah jmpa owg mcm awk. perfectly PERFECT! honestly i do. mmg susah nk pcaya. sy taw diri ni ego xpernah nk ngaku dpn awk. am sorry, but that's just the way i am

Friends come and go. Not everyone can be a good match but sometimes am so lucky to meet wonderful people like u.
Am gonna miss you..badly! Knapela bnda yg kita suka, bnda yg kita nk, skejap je kita dpt. Why did u leave me alia. huh! Tp papepun hidup sy msih panjang. same goes to you. smua ptemuan ada perpisahan. Tp knapa prjalanan cerita kita tlalu cpt. byknya tapi..

xpela, sy relakan kepergian awk. =') i'll treasure all the moments weve been made all this while..(mcm pelik j ayt..) terima kasih byk2 4 everything. sorry 4 every single mistake ive ever done to u. wish u all the best in everything u do. semoga sentiasa dlm rahmat ALLAH SWT. jiwa dh kacau xleh tulis byk2. nt hncuss lptop kne water drops. hhehe.

ukhwah fillah abadan abada..kerana ILMU kita bertemu, kerana PERKENALAN ukhwah terjalin, kerana CITA-CITA perpisahan terjadi, dan kerana satu ikatan LILLAH ia akn berkekalan dan diredhai.

We are girls who are strong enough to fight for what we want. :) All the best to us, babe! And meet up sooooooon! take care!
Goodbye, my friend. You will be missed more than you could ever have guessed!

with love,