17 September 2010

am i too much?

what a quite dull day today. dissapointed........huh. really i am. how could you do this to me.
am a people person, i need people around me. but sometimes, i really dont understand why i really hope people i like will spend most of their time with me. i thought i was over possessive or something. but i guess, it is because i love them, the people i love, i'd like to have more of their time, hoping they'll love me too. but i guess, sometimes, it is just too much to ask for from them. i dont know. ok..............
i'll take a step back. give up.

i only wished to be able to have u by my side as much as possible. but u dont seem to agree with this. i guess, we are different. it's okay. i'll never repeat that again. i'll never put much hope, expecting big things from u. though ure still my friend, but it'll never be the same again i suppose. i'll be strong. am sorry yang. may God bless us.

my broken heart. it's u